What is BBM
BBM for Android

What is BBM

"BBM is an instant messaging application developed by Blackberry and known by users as Blackberry Messenger. What is BBM for Android? and What is BBM for iPhone?"


BBM is the instant messaging application that RIM design several years ago for their Blackberry devices. Many of the Blackberry users have known for many years the Blackberry Messenger application, which in its day was a revolution to expedite the talks and were relegated to the background the SMS.

Blackberry Messenger

BBM is the abbreviation of Blackberry Messenger and is the name by which many users identified this app.

For the more loyal users to the Blackberry and that previously used the devices of the brand, the emergence of applications such as WhatsApp wasn't a big surprise. Users of BBM had already enjoyed the instant messaging through the known Blackberry service that could and can boast of being one of the messaging services more secure of the world.

What is BBM for Android

BBM for Android is the version of the Blackberry Messenger for Android.

Blackberry launches Blackberry Messenger for Android and causes a revolution in the sector of instant messaging applications. All this happens when some still wonder, what is BBM?. The answer to the question "What is BBM", it is very simple. BBM is the messaging application more safest on the market.

What is BBM for iPhone

BBM for iPhone is the version of the Blackberry Messenger for iPhone and Apple devices with its system iOS.

Taking into account that Android and IOS are the two operating systems for smartphones that have more presence in the market, the Blackberry has also released the version of BBM for iPhone. In this way aims to have versions for the vast majority of smartphone sold throughout the world and try to register the largest possible number of users in countries of all continents to be able to compete with other instant messaging applications. Therefore the answer to the question - what is BBM for iPhone? Is the following. BBM for iPhone is the version for Apple mobile that offers more security in the sending of text messages and other data through the application.

BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iPhone

It is true that the arrival of devices with the Android system and the emergence of tens of Smartphone models in the last 3 years, has represented a revolution in the way that users have to communicate. The possibility of sending text messages, images, videos and other data through the messaging app as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Viber and other app, has been one of the reasons why Blackberry BBM has developed for Android and BBM for iPhone.

Now Blackberry Messenger can be downloaded from the vast majority of Smartphone in the whole world and puts them at the fingertips of millions of users messaging app safer known until now.

Advantages of BBM

Blackberry defines to BBM as a instant messaging app with differentiated characteristics with respect to other apps and messaging that stands out for the security, privacy in the sending of data and reliability in the confirmation of receipt of messages. If you want to enjoy the instant messaging service more secure of the world, you can download BBM for Android on your Smartphone.