Features BBM
BBM for Android

Features BBM for Android

"Features BBM for Android or BBM for iPhone. You know the functions of BBM."


BlackBerry Messenger is available for Android and iPhone. We see have advantages if you download BBM for Android or iOS. Now test this application and enjoy the features that make it stand out from the other apps of chat and instant messaging.

features BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone

Blackberry Messenger: a great security in the sending of messages

One of the best features of BBM is high security offering in the sending of text messages and conversations. Between other characteristics we can emphasize the reliability of the application, in addition to an assertion system in the messages reception insurance and of quality.

The throwing of the app for operating systems as Android or iOS, is a good letter of credence and he makes to think that the this application in continuous development. Some information sources make sure that BBM will incorporate new functions in the next months, to offer to the users typical piece of news.