BBM for Smartwatch
BBM for Android

BBM for Smartwatch

"BBM is now available for Apple Watch and we can already enjoy the application on the new Android Wear and SmartWatch Android as the LG Watch R or the Smartwatch Motorola 360."


With the launch of the latest version of BBM, Blackberry has added new features very interesting, but if we want to highlight any mention the possibility of installing BBM in the Apple Watch or Smartwatch brand of apple.

Advantages of having BBM in our Smartwatch

  • Have BBM in our hand we are allowed to walk without having to check the mobile constantly.

  • we can now be having dinner in a restaurant, have your mobile phone in your pocket and maintain contact in our conversations without disturbing our couple.

  • The truth is that all are benefits and is a pleasant way and discreet to respond to our active conversations.

After testing the new version of BBM in my Smartwatch, i could see that having the app on my Apple Watch saves me a lot of time on the day. When I'm in a hurry and i come out of a meeting, you can review the messages quickly, even answer without having the phone in the hand with the predefined answers of BBM for our Smartwatch. Now take a walk with your smartphone on the handheld, practice sports in the gym or even enjoy a quiet dinner, is no longer a problem with BBM in my Smartwatch. I can read the messages in record time and respond to the messages without the need for access to the phone. It is a discreet way to read messages and not to disturb the people accompanying me.

BBM for Android Wear

In many web sites already have valued highly the role of BBM on the clock. With the arrival of BBM for Android Wear the range of possibilities and new features will increase. There are already available hundreds of apps for the new Android devices Wear. Users of Apple Watch already enjoy BBM and users of LG Watch R and Motorola 360 have multiple sides to their Smartwatch.

The convenience of having these apps in-hand with our clock allows us to leave the smartphone battery charging and remain vigilant in our messages, without having to get out of our work site to see the instant messaging. BBM for Smartwatch is a tool that is truly powerful and easy to use.

Features BBM for Smartwatch

Some of the main functions we can see here:

  • Read the notifications of new messages

  • Respond to messages with predefined responses

  • Respond with emoticons.

  • Send voice messages in the active conversations

  • Respond or check messages discreetly in dinners or meetings

  • Read and send messages faster than ever