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BBM for iPhone

"BBM for iPhone: the instant messaging application available for iPhone and its system iOS 7."


Download BBM for iPhone

Download BBM for iPhone, the instant messaging application for Blackberry now available systems iOS i for Android devices. Blackberry Messenger for iPhone is the development of BBM for the Smartphone of the mark on the apple. Users of iPhone and former followers of Blackberry can download BBM for iPhone on their Smartphone. 
Now you can enjoy a unique Blackberry app in the devices with iOS and dispose in your Smartphone in the messaging application more secure of the world.

BBM for iPhone 6 plus in India

The increase in sales of Ipad and iPhone in India shooting the downloads of BBM

BBM continues to pursue his messaging service. The Blackberry Service could help the multinational to improve your results. After the poor results in the sales of the new Blackberry devices with Blackberry 10, the multinational expects to increase the users in your messaging app. The success of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, combined with the increase of sales of iPad and other Apple devices in India, you can become an opportunity to win new users for BBM. Large companies in the technology sector are closely monitoring the markets in emerging countries such as China or India.

Million of users decide download BBM for iPhone

In the week of its launch, the Blackberry Messenger has received millions of download requests and has forced both to the store of Apple, the Apple Store, as to the store of Google, Google market or Google Play to postpone a few days the availability of download BBM for Android.

Many of the experts that did not have confidence in the success of the app, have seen in a few days there are millions of users who have already decided to download BBM for iPhone. It is clear that BBM retains many of the qualities that made it so popular among the users of the Blackberry devices. BBM has enchanted millions of users, without being the application that has more features, but that stands out for its great security in the sending of text messages and data through your service.

It seems that Blackberry has considered going by adding new features to BBM iPhone as video calls to go gradually improving the application.