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"Download BBM for Android and enjoy with Blackberry messaging app. BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone the news of Blackberry Messenger"


BBM for Android has received in a single week million download requests. There are already more than 100 million users who have decided to download BBM for Android in your Smartphone. The phenomenon that has led to the emergence of BBM for Android along with BBM for iPhone to surprised many people. The truth is that BBM for Android has arrived to take over part of the market of messaging applications.

Download BBM for Android and enjoy with BBM in your Samsung Smartphone

Download BBM for Android or BBM for Apple devices

Download BBM for Android is the priority of many users who until recently used a terminal of Blackberry. Precisely Blackberry users are aware of the advantages of the use of this application and the great safety it offers to the users, that is why they are already millions of users who want to download BBM for Android. In the same way the terminals of Apple users who previously used RIM terminals have been decided to download BBM for iPhone.

BBM for IOS allows installation in the tablet of Apple, the iPad. With this version will try to win users who use apps as Viber for iPad or WeChat for iPad.

bbm in your Smartphone

Leaders and company managers choose to download BBM for Android

BBM for Android promises to give war to other applications such as messaging WhatsApp, Line or WeChat. There are many people who value quality of BBM for Android with respect to other instant messaging applications, security in the sending of text messages and sending data is one of its best features, for this reason there are so many leaders and managers of company who have chosen BBM for Android or BBM for iPhone to keep conversations safe.

If you want to enjoy the advantages offered by sending secure messages, text and images, wait no longer to download BBM for Android and try this fantastic application.


Protection against spam with BBM for iPhone

One of the features most outstanding BBM for iPhone is the form of registration that the user has in this application. As with many of messaging applications the user id is your mobile number, Blackberry Messenger uses a pin to identify users. In this way those who use apps like WhatsApp receive sometimes spam and advertising on your cell phone due to the massive sending of spam to lists of mobile numbers. With BBM not so since the the phone number as identifier is not used for sending messages. This feature helps to significantly reduce spam from unknown phone numbers.

If you want to end up with the spam in your smartphone you choose to download the version of BBM for devices with Android or devices governed for iOS of Apple in its famous iPhone. Of the main features we can highlight two of them: the main one is security in the conversations that we have already seen in earlier and another function to highlight is the absence of spam, function will appreciate that many users that use everyday instant messaging applications.

BBM to desktop and BBM for Windows Phone

The most critical with Blackberry Messenger are already demanding the release of a version of BBM for Windows Phone. At the time that I write, Blackberry does not have the version of your app for Windows messaging Phone. It is very likely that in a short time Blackberry lance BBM for Windows Phone for users with Smartphone with this system should be able to download Blackberry Messenger.

download bbm for windows phone 8

BBM has no official version for your computer, but does not seem to be a problem for its expansion throughout the world. It is true that having a PC version, it is a way to get new users who do not currently have Smartphone.

Have a PC version is one of the improvements that you can incorporate BBM, to compete with WhatsApp. WhatsApp has no PC version of official form and users who install WhatsApp for PC on your computer, use a emulator of Android as Bluestacks, to install App for PC in the computer with the Android version of the application.

Download BBM for Android and enjoy this app

Download BBM for Android is the best way to enjoy this application. The more complete version is designed for Blackberry devices, but from the Canadian company ensure that intend to continue to develop a version for Android and iPhone. Many users have already downloaded BBM in their Smartphone with Android system, and are impatiently the new functions and features that are incorporated.

BBM for Android download free for tablet Samsung

The growth of this app has come as a surprise to the same company, for this reason has a commitment to the millions of users who have already downloaded the application for Android.

Blackberry Messenger the first app messaging

Blackberry Messenger was born as an exclusive service, was created by RIM, the owner of the exclusive Blackberry devices. It became very popular among users followers of the brand. BBM was a communication service much more effective, faster and more secure than SMS.

All users with data service or Blackberry service on the devices of the brand, have had occasion to use BBM, and perfectly know the great utility of this secure application, that long before that WhatsApp, already allowed the sending of text messages for free through the exclusive Blackberry service. Blackberry has placed it within the reach of all its users, the ability to send instant text messages free of charge. The SMS generated the question of whether our message had reached its destination, BBM was created with instant messaging.

BBM Functions for Android

Blackberry plans to continue improving its app messaging during 2014. This year they want to consolidate its position in the market for messaging apps. The main objective is to incorporate new features to improve the app and make it more attractive.

In the meantime if download BBM for Android you can enjoy the following features:

  • With BBM for Android keeps us always connected without having to open any application

  • An on-screen indicator shows us if our messages have been delivered and we can see if the message has been read

  • We Have fun emoticons

  • BBM is one of the most secure in the world messaging apps. One of the best features is the security. The version of BBM for Android takes care of our privacy

  • We chose our contacts. And we decide who can send us messages. We can prevent the receipt of spam with this function

  • Our profile can be customized with Gif animations and images

  • Can create groups to chat and participate in fun conversations

  • BBM allows the sending of multiple messages. We can send a message to several contacts at the same time without having to be in the same chat

We are convinced that the Blackberry will continue to add new features and that during this year 2014 we will see improve to Blackberry Messenger. The rivals do not stop to improve and BBM should continue to evolve in order to be able to compete face to face with WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and company.

New features for BBM for Android

Blackberry continues to improve BBM for Android and have already announced new features for the version of BBM for Android. Now Blackberry Messenger allows you to make voice calls and also allows subscription to thematic channels to stay informed. The registered users of the Blackberry platform Beta Zone, can now enjoy these new features.

BBM launches the improvements that were promised. You now have the ability to perform real-time tracking of the location if your contacts permit. BBM has also improved the delivery of images and videos. It is now much faster. Another of the launchings of the application is the BBM service that will allow you to make voice calls over the Internet, as other apps such as Line, Skype, among others, from the place you want. VoIP calls (Voice over IP) do not have any kind of cost to the user if you have hired a data tariff.